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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Vichy Bi White Face wash Review

Hi everyone!!
Due to the cold weather and my unexpected illness made me grab my trusted face cleanser and that was Cetaphil cleansing lotion. I don’t use that throughout the year as when the weather changes. I need to switch back and forth to certain products, now that my skin is behaving pretty okay which I am assume. So, today I will review Vichy bi white face wash, which is my current face wash. 
Price- 1250 for 100m

Vichy Bi white lightening deep cleansing face wash comes in this white tube packaging. Nothing much to emphasize on. The face wash is creamy and is slightly thick in consistency just like you come across with Pond’s face washes, most of them. It emanates a very mild fragrance. The significant fact was that it happens to lathers well even if a tiny blob of this face wash is taken. I take less than a pea size and while I rub it between my palms it gives out creamy lathers that is enough to clean the entire face.

This was a sample tube and even though it contains around 15-20ml and it lasted for 2 weeks, used twice a day. Now, isn’t that commendable! I experience the same thing with Ponds pimple clear face wash. Even they use to last really long!
Once I wash it off, it goes away on the first splash of water leaving my skin brighter than before with no tightness or dryness.

It’s going to suit oily to normal skin including combination though for dry skin it can be a bit drying, so better use a creamy face wash, it looks like a creamy face wash but it’s neither creamy nor foaming in nature but something that will take away dirt and oil without drying the skin. That’s a different thing that drier skin types need something more hydrating.
The price can be somewhat more for some, which actually depends how much you are willing to spend on the your skin care items, but it should also be noted that since the quantity you will be using is very less which eventually will make it last really long therefore that way, it can said to be economical.

Overall, it is a decent face wash for normal to oily skin but it’s okay if you still want to skip this. 

Pros of Vichy Bi White Face wash
Available on shopping sites
Cleans properly
No dryness
No oiliness
Brightens the face

Cons of Vichy Bi White Face wash
May not be for dry skin

Rating 3.75 out of 5

Take- Vichy Bi White Face wash is a decent face wash that give brightening effect to the skin and removes dirt, oil etc gently. It is suitable for oily to dry skin. If you wish you can try it but even if you want to skip it, that’s okay. Nothing much to lose out on!

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Vichy Bi White Face wash Review Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 8:48 pm Rating: 5 Hi everyone!! Due to the cold weather and my unexpected illness made me grab my trusted face cleanser and that was Cetaphil cleansing lo...

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