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Monday, 3 February 2014

Soft Pink smokey Step By Step eye makeup tutorial

Hi Girls!!
How are you? I am not so good today. Had fever since morning due to which which I could not go for the Avon Event at Leela Palace today where they had announced Asin as Avon's new face and launched their new makeup line. Anyways, I will be sharing this eye makeup look where I have used two colors and then added some smokiness to it.
I also like to tell you something. when we do our eye makeup do you really think it has to be always using two three colors and getting too much technical while doing them. I love doing them for sharing here but in reality rarely you go such heavy on the eyes unless you are going out for a weeding. So the look that I will be sharing today is basic and can be easily done.

I Filled my eyebrows as usual. You can see the detailed tutorial here:

Step 1- I applied an eye shadow base and here I have used BB stick as eyeshadow base. It cover the eyelid pigmentation to some extend and helps eyeshadow stick better.

Step 2 & 3- To give my eyelids a wash of color and to further even them out I used a very pale lilac color, you can use pale pink too as once blended on the lid it won't be noticeable which color has been used. I have used a flat shader brush.
Step 3 & 4- Then taking a tapered blending brush, I picked up a pink eye shadow and placed it on my crease. I don't have too deep set eyes else this technique is primarily for the deep set eyes.
Step 6- I placed a deep purple eye shadow on the lower lashline or underneath the waterline as I always do. I do this because this step only can make a huge difference and also makes the eyes look bigger. 
Step 7- Taking a gel eyeliner brush, I applied my liner in a regular winged shape.
See the tutorial here to apply winged eyeliner Here 

Now, eyeliner is something which you can customize as per your own choice, like some of you want a thin line and some may like it thick and bold. I like it thicker and winged out! 

Step 8- In the next step  have used Avon's new mascara extreme extend. I am reaching this mascara a lot these days. I also used a matte black very lightly over the purple so that the black eyeliner on the upper lashline should not look too bold and also adds the smokiness. Actually doing this step can guarantee smokiness very easily, even though you do not apply any eyeshadow on the lids. Eyeliner and this touch of matte/pearly eye shadows under the waterline will do it all for you. Try this simple technique and you are going to love it as much as I do.
In the final pictures I have used white pencil from Lakme though you can skip it!

Niesha Jeenwal

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