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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Review Himalaya Herbals Refreshing and Clarifying Toner

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Long ago, I used Clinique clarifying lotion, which has impressed me a lot. Clarifying lotions are actually toners only that can take away extra dirt and impurities from the skin and tones your skin. Today, I will review refreshing and clarifying lotion from Himalaya herbals.

Price: 145 rupees for 200 ml and 100 ml for 80 bucks
Claims: ”Himalaya's Refreshing & Clarifying Toner is made from a blend of natural ingredients that control excess oil secretion and cleanse oil from the skin's surface. Herbal goodness of ingredients like Lentil, which deep cleanses pores; Citrus Lemon, a natural astringent and cleanser, tightens pores and refreshes skin and; Boerhavia Root extract controls excess oil secretion to leave your skin clear, soft and radiant.”

Himalaya herbals clarifying toner

Ingredients: only the key ingredients are mentioned.
Citrus Limon is an effective cleanser, which removes dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin supple, smooth and fresh.
Lentil deep cleanses pores and gives your skin back its lost nutrients like protein.
Boerhavia Root controls excess oil secretion to leave your skin clear, soft and radiant.  

Experience: Himalaya Refreshing and clarifying toner comes in the usual Himalaya packaging with a flip top cap. Packaging wise the product looks good. It is user friendly but may not be travel friendly as even if the flip top cap is closed and tight you can’t be sure that it will not leak at all. So, better be careful!
The toner smells like lemons and exudes a very herbal kind of smell. I could not sniff any alcohol from this toner and also it says it is alcohol free. In anyways, you should avoid toners with alcohols, you know why? As they can be really harsh for your delicate skin. Alcohol in toners strips off the natural oils and leaves your skin dry. I find Ayur toner to be very drying and gave tingling and burning sensation when I used that ages ago. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, do opt for alcohol free toners.

Himalaya herbals clarifying toner

Coming back to this toner, yes, it is alcohol free but that doesn’t mean I like this toner. It has a soapy formula which when I applied taking this on a cotton pad, appears that it has cleansed my skin, which it may as even after washing the face, I could see some dirt on the cotton pad, but my skin had this cooling sensation and thereafter it felt chip chip and greasy, my skin started sweating and overall the feeling about this toner was anything but not impressive. 

After all, who wants a toner or any face product that can make you feel greasy and sweaty? May be dry skinned people can try it once and see if that can help them.
It has not given me burning or tingling sensation but the soapy feel was enough for me to discontinue using it.  When you wipe your face with the cotton pad that has this Himalaya clarifying toner, you can clearly see mild froth on the pad.
But for oily, combination skin I will not suggest this at all. You should try and look at other options rather than using this. I liked Aroma magic aromatic toner way better than this. In fact that was really good and use to freshen up the face without any greasiness.

Himalaya herbals clarifying toner

I gave it a try after a month again and it did the same thing, which has made me conclude that it is not for acne prone oily, combination skin. Moreover, I also noticed few tiny boils on my jaw line. It’s a NO for me.

Pros of Himalaya herbals refreshing and clarifying toner
Smells good
Takes off dirt

Cons of Himalaya herbals refreshing and clarifying toner
Soapy formula
Makes skin sweaty
Break outs
Skin feels greasy
Not for oily to combination skin

Rating : 2 out of 5

Take: Himalaya herbals clarifying toner is an affordable product that takes off dirt from the face but at the same time, its soapy formula makes skin greasy and also skin starts sweating after sometime. I will not recommend this to normal to oily skin. If you have dry skin then you may try it and see but definitely not for oily, combination skin.

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Review Himalaya Herbals Refreshing and Clarifying Toner Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 5:31 pm Rating: 5 Hi Everyone!!!   Long ago, I used Clinique clarifying lotion, which has impressed me a lot. Clar...

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