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Monday, 24 February 2014

Glowing Skin and lighten dark spots: Papaya Face Masks

I have always loved papaya for my face. In fact it is said that papaya can be really good for your skin if eaten or applied on as a face mask. I love the glowy skin that it gives. Papaya has the enzyme papain that works on the dark spots. I have noticed that it also gently exfoliates the skin too!
So, today, I will share, how I make this papaya pack and how you can get glowing skin at home. I will share two of such papaya face masks/packs.

Papaya face pack for Oily skin: First of all start by a piece of papaya and take off the outer skin. Now this inner portion is the portion that we need. Taking a fork you can mash it and then use the spoon to make a gooey pulpy. The better the mashing, the easier will be to apply it over the face.  After you have mashed it, then squeeze out a lemon and drop 3-4 drops of lime juice in to the pulp. If you have very sensitive skin, then don’t add the lime juice, just the pulp would be fine!
Now, your paste is ready. Apply it on your face with your fingers. I like using my fingers more as they give an even application. I keep the masks for around 20 minutes and the clay based ones only for 15 minutes since those can be extra drying while the fruit based masks need some time to sink in to the skin and the enzymes to work on the dark spots and pigmentation! Isn’t it a simple tip for naturally glowing skin.

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Dry skin: Now, the second one is for the dry skinned girls. I made my mum use it and she liked it a lot. For this you will need again a papaya piece or slice and some yoghurt.
This time after mashing the papaya, you will have to add the yoghurt, buy make sure that the yoghurt should not make the pulp too thin so that it starts dripping off your face, making it messy.
You may keep it for 15 minutes and that should be fine.
Always wash off your masks with plain water neither too hot nor cold. Washing your face the right way is also important! Right!!

Papaya face mask can give glow on the skin and if you use them regularly, they can also reduce and lighten the dark spots and other blemishes. I have pigmentation on my jaw line and I have seen a lot of improvement due to face masks like papaya, yoghurt lime juice and also oranges. Most of the citrus fruits work very well for oily to combination skin
There will be mild tingling especially when you are applying fruits high in Vitamin C, but that’s okay. Try to use such masks at night as using these face masks that have vitamin C or lime juice in them, going out in sun soon after you rinse then off isn’t the best idea. So, pamper your skin in the evening, when you have free time.
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Glowing Skin and lighten dark spots: Papaya Face Masks Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 7:28 pm Rating: 5 I have always loved papaya for my face. In fact it is said that papaya can be really good for you...

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