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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Purple smokey eye makeup: Some Random pictures without tutorial

Hi Girls!
I had these pictures, which is not an eye makeup tutorial since it was an eyeliner pictures that I finished clicking so, just for fun and experiment rather than taking the eyeliner off my eyes, I transformed it into an eye makeup look by adding some extra colors on the lids and lips.:D
Since the pictutes are pretty okay so, I thought of sharing it and will describe, what I have done!
For the eyes, I filled up my brows very lightly.
If you want to know about how I fill my brows, I have a detailed tutorial. Below is the link:

For this look, you can see that the eyeliner is not prominent as I applied that before the eyeshadow. 
For the lid, I used a matte purple color and then dab a gold eye shadow on the centre of the lid to give it some dimension.You can get the same diffused eyeliner effect by using a matte black shadow as eyeliner and then smudging it lightly! For smudging you an also use an angled brush.
I applied mascara on the lower and upper lashes and some matte purple eye shadow on the ower lash line.

I used Oriflame primer first followed by Maybelline dream liquid mousse foundation.
I contoured with MUA pressed powder and you may notice that it was two shades darker to me and worked quite okay as a contour powder. I actually chose the wrong shade for me while I shopped from MUAstore.uk but glad that it does contour well, keeping me mind that most of the powders dedicated to contouring looks muddy on me for strange reasons due to which I have still not tried sleek face contour kit which was in my list.
I have used MUA blush in blush which is a very soft and subtle color which isn't too obvious in the pictures here.

For the lips, in first set of pictures, I have Colorbar lip pot in Toffee Tango. Read the review:

And for the second look,  have used Colorbar soft touch Lipstick in Matina, you may read the detailed review below:

The eye makeup in this look may not be that neat but trust me, if you have thoughts that your eye makeup isn't coming out as neat and tidy, it doesn't matter much, unless it is too obvious. It still looks nice when you see it as a whole. And with some practice and experiments, it gets neat and tidier.

Wrapping up with that, Hope you liked this random look and Enjoy the Sunday!!!

Niesha Jeenwal

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Purple smokey eye makeup: Some Random pictures without tutorial Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 8:18 pm Rating: 5 Hi Girls! I had these pictures, which is not an eye makeup tutorial since it was an eyeliner pictu...

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  1. Really talented you're.. Beautifully done.. why r u not in youtube yet? pls do video tutorials :) would love to watch them :)


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