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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Glowy Makeup with Peachy Glossy lips and thick liner FOTDs

Hi Girls!!!
How are you?? Hope all's fine! 
I will share this makeup look today, that I did last weekend, but there was this another look that I posted! I am someone who loves to wear bright lips. I have a skin color that brighten ups with just sporting a bright lip when it comes to makeup in fact it happens with a lot of us. But these days, I am liking peachy, pinks glossy lips. After all, you just can wear reds, pinks and oranges always..there are occasions where you need to tone it down and keep your makeup light. Say for an interview or just a casual lunch or hanging out with friends.
Anyways, For this look I did this thick eyeliner on my eyes, it's double or even triple the thickness that you normally would go for. or at least I would go for!

 Peachy Glossy lips and thick liner

Eyes- I used Maybelline BB stick, to even out the lids. Yes, you can use BB stick for that as well, it can be double up as an eye makeup base. For slight shadow under my eyes i have used Oriflame studio artist concealer.

I swiped a matte brown eyeshadow on my crease just to darken it a bit but not to make it to obvious. Thereafter, I used essence gel eyeliner to draw a thick line with slight wing and then finished the look with Avon super extend mascara to coat my lashes. It's always a task when you put mascara on your lower lashes since they are tiny, with less room to wiggle the  wand, you are most likely to smudge it on the skin underneath. For that you can try using a card like the business cards and then apply your mascara without worrying about the smudges. In the pictures, you can see there are some smudges on the lower lash line so, now, I am using that trick and it has definitely helped preventing that! Err.but not in these pictures, of course! :P

Thick winged eyeliner

And also while we apply mascara you may have notice that you open your mouth, a couple of days ago, I was wondering why we tend to do that.. then realized, it is to create some space between the lashes and the skin so that we dont get tiny dots out there. It looks really funny Huh!!
You can see: Tutorial for winged eyeliner

Face- For this look, I have used MUA foundation, that I am currently testing and wanted to see how it photographs. I think it fared pretty well with very slight whitecast, if I can notice which should be due to the Revlon compact I sure as it has titanium oxide as one of the ingredients. Please note that All the pictures here are with flash as it makes pictures more clear even in low light with true colors!

 Peachy Glossy lips and thick eye liner

 Peachy Glossy lips and thick liner

Cheeks- Since, the look is a daytime one, I used a matte peachy blush from Inglot very lightly out of personal choice. 

Lips- On my lips, I have used Lotus herbals carnation that has a very light weight formula and topped off a clear gloss over it.
And I am done!! 

Products Used
MUA foundation in fawn
Inglot freedom system Blush in AMC 30
Revlon Touch and Glow compact  Powder
Lotus Herbals lipsticks in Carnation
Essence gel eyeliner Black
Avon Super extend Extreme mascara
Matte brown shadow from 120 eyeshadow Pro palette
Oriflame studio artist concealer in dark

Hope you like the look dearies!!
Happy weekends!

Niesha Jeenwal

I am Niesha, Editor of Indian Beauty Forever, a Science graduate turned Beauty Blogger from New Delhi who's blogging for more than 3.5 years and loves everything related to Makeup & Beauty.

Glowy Makeup with Peachy Glossy lips and thick liner FOTDs Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 3:20 pm Rating: 5 Hi Girls!!! How are you?? Hope all's fine!  I will share this makeup look today, that I did l...

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