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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Glimmer Blue Review

Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Glimmer Blue

Hi Girls!!
Today is the last Sunday of this passing year and rather than sharing an eye makeup look, I will review this Lakme fantasy shimmer eyeliner in glimmer blue. It was part of my Lakme styling kit. Ohh I love that pink box!! By the way, did you see the Maybelline Insta Glam Box, Its beautiful and can be a complete kit itself! I was smitten by the box then I realized I have to hold on to that since, most of the products… No.. all the products from that box, I already have but nonetheless it can act as a great gift for girls. I love Maybelline anyways as a brand. Most of their products are quite paisa vasool types.
Coming back to this cutesy liner. Lakme says “Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner Glimmer Blue steals the secret to those twinkling eyes with a gel based liner infused with micro-fine glitter particles. This rich sparkle liner lets you line, layer or blend without smudging or spreading. Freely line eyes without worrying about smudging your eyes. Lasts longer and adds a sparkle to your look.”
Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Glimmer Blue

Price- It’s for 295 rupees, quite affordable and this tiny bottle contains 3.5 ml.
Lakme Fantasy shimmer liner has a tiny bottle with a comparatively broader base and a cap that forms a slender handle with a metallic gold finish. I prefer longer and slender handles. You know why? They can actually help apply the liner with more controlled strokes as I always say and even a better grip. If you will look at the brush, it is quite sharp and the bristles aligned properly to form a pointed tip. The bristles aren’t too Stiff  but just the perfect flexibility which leads to a well finished look.
Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Glimmer Blue

Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Glimmer Blue
Glimmer blue is a regular blue which is kind of subdued as isn’t too bright. It contains silver shimmery particles which are very fine like powder fine. The shimmers in it will never make the application or finish clumsy because of them but that’s a different thing that shimmers also makes it to take some time to get dry. It is a fact that most of the shimmery or glittery eyeliners take extra seconds to get dry.
Honestly, even before using this product, I had this notion that it may fail to impress me on staying powder aspect but I was proved wrong. It has a good staying power. Once it gets dry, it becomes really smudge proof and waterproof. You will have to use either a makeup remover or good cleansing milk.
Now, as this color glimmer blue is itself isn’t too bright. The single swipe will appear a bit patchy therefore to get an even finish, you need to swipe again. Remember most of the polishes that you apply two coats to become opaque. Exactly same is with this. I have used single swipe in the swatch by the way!
You can intensify the color by layering it over a black eyeliner for a more dramatic, pop of blue on your eyes. In the eyes watches if you will notice, I had very dark eyeshadow underneath which helped this gloomy blue to transform into an intense bright blue. It also appears too bright because of the silver in it and flash being used.

Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Glimmer Blue review

Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Glimmer Blue swatch

Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Glimmer Blue eotd

Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Glimmer Blue eye makeup
You can see the step by step tutorial for this eye makeup Here. (minus the eyeliner)
I think, if I compare its price and the shades available with other shimmer eyeliners from other brands, then it is quite affordable and isn’t expensive at all, that way!
But if you remember, Elle 18 has recently launched their color pop eyeliners, since I have used and already reviewed one of their shades, I realize that that one needs two swipes too like this to bring out the true color and likewise Elle 18 also gets smudge proof  just at a price of only 75 bucks. You may read the review Here.
So, now here, I am leaving you with both the options if you really want to use shimmery eyeliner. You may go for either of them as per your preference of the brand.
Non gritty texture
Fine shimmer
Good for some pop of color with shimmer
Slender handle makes it easy to use
Fine brush that makes precise lines
Not a bright blue
Takes some time to get dry
feels a bit heavy on the eyes like you feel when you have falsies on 
Rating- 3.75 out of 5
Take- Lakme fantasy shimmer eyeliner can be apt for those of you who wish to have some shimmery effect o their eyes. It is affordable and easily available and comes with a formula that gets transfer proof and smudge proof once dried which may take some extra seconds of your busy day! For a cheaper and inexpensive option, think about Elle 18 color pop liners.
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