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Sunday, 22 December 2013

How I fill my eyebrows- Step by step Tutorial

Eyebrows filling tutorial
Hi all!!
I will share this tutorial through which I will share how I fill my eyebrows since some of you wanted to know. For this tutorial, I have used brows powder, though you can also use eyebrow pencil, gel etc.
Before starting, let me tell you, if you are amongst those who do have sparse hair but still don’t want to fill the brows, then I will suggest and say, think again. I used to be the same, who would never fill brows thinking I don’t need it, which was okay until a couple of years ago when I had very thick and dense brows but now I noticed some patches etc that used to get too obvious in the eye makeup pictures therefore, I started filling in and trust me it does makes a difference.  Rest you are the better judge for yourself.

Things that I use:
Clean Mascara wand

Brow powder

Angled brush

So, here I go with the steps.
Step 1: I Always start with combing the brows which makes them look neat and properly aligned, you can do that with a clean mascara wand.
Step 2: To fill in, I will start from the outer end and using the angled brush, I draw light strokes.
Step 3, 4 & 5: I will gradually move forward with very light strokes and while dipping the brush, I tap it off so that too much color can be avoided, else that can give a unnatural or made up look.
Step 6: Till now, I am done with the end part and arch. For the front part, I do not dip my brush at all, just use the brush that still have some residue of the powder. Making this front part darker than the rest of the brow can make the my brows look draw in, that doesn't go very well with my chubby face. therefore for a natural look I keep this part lighter.

Step 7: I finished off the the filling part. While filing, some hair strands can go out of place and there can be harsh edges/strokes as I have used an angled brush.
Step 8: then, I used a clean mascara brush to blend the strokes for the entire brow .
Step 9: I am done!!

Some Don’ts
Do not go for too dramatic or drawn in brows.
While using a brow pencil keep the strokes very very light and always blend with a clean mascara wand.
During rainy season, brow gel or pencils are better, brows powders are more likely to smudge
While using gel or powder, use angled brush.
Try to use a pencil, gel or brow powder shade which is a shade lighter than the actual brow color so as not to look made up.

So, that was all from me.
Hope this tutorial helped you!!

Niesha Jeenwal

I am Niesha, Editor of Indian Beauty Forever, a Science graduate turned Beauty Blogger from New Delhi who's blogging for more than 3.5 years and loves everything related to Makeup & Beauty.

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  1. Great tutorial Niesh :) Mascara brush trick is new to me! Thanks for the tricks <3

  2. Nice tutorial.really this is helpful for me

  3. Thanks for the tut hun..So helpful as all your tuts :) Which angled brush are u using...I am looking for a good one?

    1. Thanks dear!! :) I am using essence gel liner brush which I only use to fill the brows. :)

  4. Loved you tutorial. Your absolutely right on the way to fill in!

  5. This is what I needed :) Loved the tutorial.

  6. This is what I needed :) Loved the tutorial.

  7. Was confused how to do this the way they complicatedly explained it on other sites...Finally found a great tutorial :D Amazing work Niesha :)


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