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Monday, 23 December 2013

Avon Instinct Eau De Parfum Review

Avon’s Instinct Eau De Parfum Review
Hi Girls!!
If you have seen the latest, I mean the, December Avon Brochure, then on its cover, there is Megan fox who the face of Avon's new Perfume called InstinctI got this a month ago, you remember I posted two makeup look by Celebrity makeup Artist Neha Khanna. This perfume also Launched on the same day!! It's already been available since this December and you can get it for 2500 rupees from your Avon representative. 
Claims” Unleash your wildest desires with this intense fusion of sparkling greens, exotic camellia and a touch of sensual sandal wood”
Quantity- 50 ml

Avon Instinct Eau De Parfum Review
Experience- Avon's new Fragrance Instinct comes in a pale orange translucent glass bottle with the name embossed on the front with a wide cap. Just below the spray nozzle there is a leopard like print which gives the over all packaging a nice exotic feel.
The perfume is encased inside a cardboard box as you may see in the picture! Cap is tight enough though can be rotated along with the spray nozzle. even though that is the case, it will not come off and let the perfume leak, if you are keeping it in your bag, without the box.
The perfume is best to use within 3 year of its manufacturing date, so according to that it can be used till 2016 with a manufacturing date of 2013.
There is one little thing that I like about the bottle is that, when you press it, it squirts out a little quantity, as in if you are retouching it during the day, then obviously you will not want to overload yourself, so that way, its good that it sprays just a little bit and if you need you can spray more.

Avon Instinct Eau De Parfum Review

Avon Instinct Eau De Parfum Review

Avon Instinct Eau De Parfum Review

Avon Instinct Eau De Parfum Review
Once I spray this on my wrist, it instantly oozes out a smell that reminds me of fresh lime or orange juice, but within say 15 seconds, the fragrance start to gets dry and more like sweet sandalwood on my skin. It remains like that on me for around half an hour and then there is  sandalwood along with a woody smell that lingers for the next couple of hours. When it starts to fade on my skin, there is only a dry woody with very low notes of sandalwood, hardly detectable, before it leaves me completely.
In total, Avon Instinct perfume stays on me for about 6-7 hours, which is good and also even though it will completely go off the skin, there would be fragrance lingering on my clothes. In anyways, most of the fragrances can be there on the clothes for an entire day.

Avon Instinct Eau De Parfum Review
I think for the price, which may be little bit more, is a good option for those of you, who likes an exotic combination of dry wood fragrance infused with sandalwood. In terms of the staying power as well, it is quite on the decent side though it depends on the your skin and how the notes develop on your skin especially!

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Rating- 3.75 out of 5
Final words- Avon Instinct comes with a lovely bottle which looks pretty and a fragrance where the sandalwood and woody smell coexists and balances out, with an initially burst of citrusy notes.I will recommend it to woody lovers though fragrance can be a very personal choice. I personally, like it due to the sandalwood notes in it and the packaging of course. 
PR Sample though review is honest as always!!!
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Avon Instinct Eau De Parfum Review Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 7:49 pm Rating: 5 Avon’s Instinct Eau De Parfum Review Hi Girls!! If you have seen the latest, I mean the, December Avon Brochure, then on its cover, the...

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