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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Care for your Lips – all day with Elle 18

Care for your Lips – all day
Ever wondered how Anushka Sharma manages to flash that beautiful, captivating smile every time she faces the camera? 
If your eyes are magical, let your lips cast a spell too! Caring for lips is the most important beauty regime that every girl must follow throughout the day.  Due to exposure to pollution, dust, stress and drying effects of the sun and other external extremities your lips can become chapped and dry.

Keep those pouty lips moisturized throughout the day, with a dash of colour by following these simple steps by Elle 18.

#Step 1:  Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water with a pinch of lemon. Not just great for your lips but wonderful for your skin!
#Step 2: Before you step out of the house for your busy day, apply a full layer of the Elle 18- Juicy Lip balm. Take your pick from any of the 6 yummy juicy gorgeous shades.. It is important to use a lip balm which has SPF as your lips get chapped due to the harmful rays of the sun
#Step 3: Drink lots of water! No matter where you are carry a 500ml bottle of water to keep your lips hydrated
#Step 4: Avoid licking your lips.  It’s a great feeling to do it but since lips do not have oil secreting glands, they dry up faster and make them harsher
#Step 5: Keep reapplying your lip balm whenever you get a five minute break!
#Step 6: Pucker up and practice that gorgeous smile! 

Elle 18- New Stylish Range

Elle 18 is the iconic youth make-up brand announces the launch of its new range of make-up products comprising of everything from foundations to lip balms, making it the perfect pick for trend setters around the country. 

The fashionable new range comprises of a Glow Foundation, Glow Compact, Color pop liners and a Juicy Lip balm that gives teen divas the power to shed their inhibitions and look their gorgeous best.


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  1. Absolutely love the colours plus Elle 18 is an amzing value for money brand! :D

    Participate in the Diwali Giveaway@Chicorita! :D

  2. wow...lovely post <3
    n great products dear

  3. balms and nail paints look awesome :)

  4. Nail polish colors looks lovely.

  5. Waiting to try the eye liners and the foundation. Are they out yet???

  6. Awesome tips Neish, I will keep them in mind :)


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