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Facial Hair remover Epistick Review and How to use

Facial Hair remover Epistick Review and How to use

Hi Everyone,

Getting rid of the facial hair can be really annoying at times especially when you have no time to visit the professional, then at those times; I wish I should have a product that could at least help me vanish them upto some extent so that they aren’t that visible..
I came across this Epistick at recently, which I found interesting and helpful.
Price: $ 3.75 (about 200 INR)
About the product: This Epistick is 19 cm in length, with a plastic bulb like handles at the ends attached with a steel spring. Its very light weight and easy to use.
Facial Hair remover Epistick
Facial Hair remover Epistick

How to use:  This Epistick can be used on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip and chin or wherever, you find those hair strands on your face that bothers you!! To use this you have to start with a clean face.
Facial Hair remover Epistick Review
Facial Hair remover Epistick
Epistick Review and How to use
Facial Hair remover Epistick

Blend the Epistick in an inverted, U shape, place it against the area where you wish to use it and then keep holding the handles, make the Epistick flat again and slightly twist it in the opposite direction, so that hairs can be pulled out. It’s build on a concept as per which when we make it a U shape the spring kind of gets open at the top while, bringing it again in the original straight position, will make the spring grip the hair strands strongly. And when you twist it in the opposite direction the hair strands come out.
You can see the hairs gripped inside the stick still when they are pulled out. Try to repeat at least a couple of times on the same area to get a complete experience else the area may appear patchy as some hairs removed and some of them are still there. :D

Facial Hair remover Epistick to use
Facial Hair remover Epistick

My experience: I have used it a lot of time, since the day I have got it on the areas like forehead, upper lip and on the high points of my cheeks. The pain that you feel with this is just the same as you experience while the hairs are threaded but then the pain isn’t there anymore. You’ll get used to it .:D. Honestly, I was scared to use this for the first time!!.:D
As soon as I am done with this I always make sure to apply toner/ astringent followed by a clarifying lotion from Clinique and a moisturizer so as to avoid any skin problems.
I like this product a lot and it’s helps me getting rid of those unwanted facial hair. But you should take extra care to use it and after using this.

Facial Hair remover Epistick How to use
Facial Hair remover Epistick

And also, It may not be able to take out very small hairs as they may not come in the spring.
It’s not a product meant for those who can’t bear pain and think may not be able to use it which shouldn’t be the case, as it’s simple to use but the pain may make it as a difficult thing but once you get used to it there is no pain. 

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

My take: Do consider it as it may save your time to visit the professionals and may be handy to get rid of the facial hair at the comfort of your home. And also, if you can bear the pain. :D
You can buy it here at their website and use the code:

PR Sample though the review is honest as always.
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