Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lotus Herbals Women’s Day Exclusive Facebook Offers

Lotus Herbals Women’s Day Exclusive Facebook Offers

Hello everyone,
Tomorrow is Women’s day and Lotus herbals has come up with all new exciting and exclusive Facebook offers where you can get discounts on the entire range of Lotus Herbals Products.

Isn’t that great!!!

All you need to do is to claim the Facebook offer, take the coupon code from their email, add items to the cart and enter the code just before making the purchase and enjoy the discount. To shop you can visit:

The offer would be available for Women’s Day only.

Lotus Herbals FB page link:
Twitter Handle: @LotusHerbals

So, do not forget to Check out the FB page and the coupon code in Email.
Happy shopping and enjoy!!

Celebrate this Women's day pampering yourself with Lotus Herbals range!!


  1. Niesha, me want the code ...Which mail you referring here ??

    1. Hi Shruti, its your lotus herbals newsletter.
      but right now they have some technical issues and the codes are not working . Check there FB page dear

  2. Nice Offer dear...Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great deals!! thanks for sharing niesha :)

  4. Oops I missed this post, not sure how and I did see an update on Facebook regarding your claiming the offer. Thanks for letting me know about their e-commerce site, was not aware of that too :)


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