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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Getting the most out your lash extensions

Getting the most out your lash extensions!

Guest post by Danielle 

Eye lash extensions are a great way to extend your lashes and define your eyes without make up.

Here is some information about maintenance and useful tips.
Keep your natural eye lashes dry for as long as possible before application of your extensions. It's the best way for the glue to work.

Keep your lashes dry for twenty-four hours after your procedure. Don't wet them in the shower, bath, steam room, sauna or pool. This allows the glue to set.
You might not need mascara after you've had your new lashes applied, but if you do, use a water soluble one rather than a waterproof one.
Try to avoid rubbing your eyes and disturbance and irritation to your new lashes. Be careful that they don't get caught or knocked when putting your clothes on or taking them off.
Don't use oil-based or solvent cleansers, make up removers, or moisturizers of your new lashes.
Use cotton swabs to take the make up off around your eyes.
Don't use curlers on your new lashes.
If you need your lash extensions removed, get them professionally removed. Don't pull them off! You might pull your natural eyelashes off along with them.
Get your lashes refilled at three week intervals for best results.

Lash design is an Australian based business and one of the first to open our flagship Eyelash Extension Specialist salon in Melbourne Victoria.
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