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Garnier Miracle skin perfector BB Cream Review and swatches

Hello all,
I will be reviewing Garnier Miracle skin protector BB cream (India) which was recently launched by Garnier India. Its the latest BB cream in Indian market.  Okay so before starting the review here is a little brief on BB creams.
What is BB cream: Every since the BB creams have hit the markets, they became very popular, considering the fact that they can act as a moisturizer, foundation or tinted moisturizer, concealer and a primer. BB or blemish Balm originated in Australia for the patients who had undergone surgeries or peels. After which they became quite a craze in Korea. Korean actresses swear by their BB creams and how they act like a miracle all in one product for their skin.
By thw way Maybelline BB cream was the first to be launched in India
Garnier BB cream india
Garnier BB cream
Keeping in mind their growing popularity almost all the major skin care and cosmetics brands have launched their own versions of BB creams Which are now also known as Beauty Balm.
Maybelline launched their BB creams in India around 9 months ago in three different shades to choose from. I have already done a review of Maybelline BB cream so now I know what exactly they are and what should be expected from the Garnier BB cream.

Price: 99 INR (199 INR for 40 g)
Quantity: 18g 
bb cream review and swatches
Garnier BB cream

Ingredients: Garnier BB cream ingredients are listed in image below.
Garnier BB cream shades
Garnier BB cream
Claims and how the Garnier BB cream works: See the images
Garnier BB cream review
Garnier BB cream
bb cream india garnier
Garnier BB cream
My Experience: If you have used or seen the BB cream from Maybelline then this one has the same shape but with a white cap and wheat colored tube. This Garnier Miracle skin protector BB cream is half the price as that of the Maybelline one and only one shade to choose from. It says that it helps in making the skin fairer, glowing, smooth, even toned and moisturized.
It looks just like a foundation and easy to blend which I really liked since when you are in a hurry you want a base product that can be easily manipulated/blended and does not require much time to apply and blend. It smells really good and that faint pleasant smell lingers on for a 1-2 hours. It also has SPF 24 that gives UVA/UVB protection along with Vitamin C that works as antioxidants.
Garnier BB cream
Garnier BB cream
I can say that for sure it does moisturize the skin and I could feel that it also makes it a little more even tones that can be due to the mineral pigments in it that act as a concealer or tint to give sheer coverage to minor imperfections however, do not expect more than the sheer coverage from this BB cream alone. If want some more coverage then some foundation on top can be used or if want a matt look then compact over it can do the job perfectly.
I have also noticed that it also cover fine lines and make the face smoother than before.
It keeps the skin moisturized for 3-4 hours or it may vary depending on the skin type and weather conditions. Dry skinned people can use some moisturizer underneath and moreover in winters this alone may not be sufficient. 
Below, you can see the creams texture and how it blends.  
Garnier BB cream

As it is quiet pocket friendly and travel friendly it will soon become very popular I suppose.
I was wondering that this BB cream comes in only one shade that can suit the fair to medium skin toned but I am not sure how it will suit the dusky skin tone. It does gives a very sheer coverage so I think it should work well for the dusky tones too without leaving a whitish caste unlike the Maybelline one.
Now let’s summarize the pros and cons and anything which I have left above.
Pros of Garnier BB cream
  • Availability
  • Travel friendly, can be easily carried in the purse.
  • Pocket friendly
  • Smoothen and evens out the skin up to some extent
  • Gives sheer coverage
  • Moisturizes but that may vary as per the type of the skin
  • SPF 24 helps protect UV
  • Ingredients listed on the pack
Cons of Garnier BB cream
  • May not be able to give sufficient moisturization to the dry skin and especially in winters
  • Gives only sheer coverage
  • In summers it can be a bit greasy for the oily to combination skin
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
My take: I absolutely love this Garnier BB cream and I will recommend it since it is very affordable and works well for that price. If you are not satisfied with the coverage then use it like a base, it actually does a good job though not sure how this same shade will work for the duskier skin tones.

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