Sunday, 28 October 2012

VLCC Skin Defense Almond Under Eye Cream review

VLCC Skin Defense Almond Under Eye Cream

Hello all,
Our under eye area needs a bit of more attention hence incorporating under eye creams or under eye gels in your daily skin care regimen is very important.
Today, I will be reviewing VLCC Almond under eye cream and this review is based on my mom’s experience since she is the one who is using it. I have oily skin and do not have any dark circles till now but as a prevention measure and to keep my under area hydrated, I am happy with my Aroma magic under eye gel right now.
vlcc under eye cream

vlcc under eye cream

Price-  175 INR (you can get it for less online)
Quantity- 15 ml  
vlcc under eye cream

What the Company claims - This unique light formulation with the goodness of Wheatgerm, Almond & Olive oils, nourishes & moisturises the under eye area, helps reduce dark circles & puffiness, firms & tones skin. It contains natural active ingredients, which help in reducing signs of fatigue, stress & protect your skin from harmful effects of the sun.
vlcc under eye cream

Ingredients-  Chamomile extract, wheatgerm oil, almond oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, D- pathenol.
vlcc under eye creamMy Experience- I have used this cream two to three times but it’s my mom who uses it regularly twice a day. This is actually her second pack and she likes this product till now.
As under eye area doesn't have any glands that can lubricate the area, it becomes important to use creams or gels that can keep them hydrated.
According to her this cream has helped getting rid of the under eye circles and moreover, it prevents the formation of fines lines further. She has also noticed a little bit improvement in the appearance of her under eye area.
This cream has thick texture which is greasy to feel but then gets absorb when patted gently. It's a cream formula so suitable for normal to dry skin but when I used it I find it very greasy and heavy on the eyes.This is the reason why  stopped using it. Gels suit me better than the cream based under eye solution. It can be a good under eye cream for mature ladies as as you age, skin tend to get drier and requires more hydration/moisture.
As this cream provides adequate moisture to the under eye area, you may see some visible difference and improvement in the fine lines under eyes. It's a fact that when the skin is dry, the lines and wrinkles and more visible and forms more but when the skin is hydrated well, it appears plump and eventually less lines will form.
On the packaging, it only lists the key ingredients instead of the complete list of ingredients. Quantity is good so it will last for about 2 months I guess.
vlcc under eye cream

This may not be the best under eye cream however, at this price it is affordable and a good product with the goodness of olive, almond and wheatgerm oil along with vitamin E.
  • Decently priced and availability is not an issue.
  • Quantity is good for the price and can last for good 2 months.
  • It does hydrates the under eye area and prevents the appearance of fine line.
  • It helps in reducing the dark circles up to some extent.
  • It has the goodness of olive, almond and wheatgerm oil along with vitamin E.
  • Tub packaging, I dont prefer. gets in the nail..eww.:/
  • It says that it can remove fine lines and wrinkles which I may not completely agree. well removing actually and visibly are two different things. It may visibly reduce.:D
  • Only key Ingredients have been mentioned.
Rating- 3.75 out of 5
My Take- If you are looking for a decently price under eye cream then it is indeed a good product however, do not expect miracles as it may not be able to remove the fine lines but it can help preventing by keeping the under eye area well hydrated. Strangely, Oily skinned people may find it heavy or greasy for them even if under eye area has nothing that can secrete oil and lubricate.

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