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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to take care of feet In Winters

How to take care of feet In Winters

Guest post by- Priyanka
With the approaching winters, our skin tends to get dry and rough and most of the time we are busy in taking care of our face, hairs, eyes and hands. But do not pay much attention to the feet that carries the whole weight of the body. Winters makes the situation worse as some of us can get cracked heel which it is really painful, so we all should follow some steps to take care of our feet.

Just check out these easy steps and get soft, smoother and cracked-free feet in winters…

Do not walk bare footed on the floor
Walking bare footed may crack your feet badly. So it is advised not to walk bare feet anywhere not even at homes. It has been found that walking bare feet on marbles may damage your feet even more.
Go for Pedicure
Pedicure should be done at regularly. This will keep your feet soft and cleaned. Also it helps in keeping your nails in shape and dirt free.
After taking bath, do not forget to moisturize your feet with a good moisturizer or foot cream. Don’t let your feet dry. Use socks that will keep your feet warm and the foot cream and the moisturizer will fetch maximum results.
Wash your feet
After coming back to home from outside, wash your feet because that will keep your feet smooth and germ free. Apply moisturizer after that.
Use feet filing products to remove dead cells from your feet.
Do not use it on wet skin because that can leave your skin sore.

By following these steps you can have beautiful, soft feet in winters.

Niesha Jeenwal

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  1. Nice posting girl...
    You are just reminding me to take about my own body :)


  2. Great post!

  3. Nice Tips Neisha... :) I am following some of them...:)

  4. ahaan i need to remembr each one..
    seems like writtn fr me :D :D

  5. We don't have winter here but these tips are useful, especially the last three!


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