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Different Types of eyebrows as per the face shapes

Different Types of eyebrows and the face shape

You might have noticed, how a slight change in the eyebrows shape can change your overall look of your face and features like nose and eyes.
We came across various types of eyebrows from bushy, thin angular or round. 
You cannot have each and every type of eyebrows that you wish unless you have very thick one so that you can make any shape out of it from round to arched. Hence, the best thing to do is to stick to the natural shape by just getting rid of the extra hairs and to trim them.  

Now, the question is how to know what is the basic thumb rule to determine the shape of your eye brows. For that you can also read this:
Lets see what are the different types of eyebrows shapes that we see commonly on various celebrities and that will be hopefully helpful in understanding about the shapes.

Arched Eyebrows
Arched eyebrows generally goes upwards from the inner corner of the eyes and then slopes downwards. This type of eyebrows looks great on those who have sharp features. Generally, they look great on majority of people depending on the height of the arch as per the face shape. Arched eyebrows can actually make the face look visibly longer.

Angeline Jolie looks so perfect with those perfectly arched eyebrows so do our very own Aishwarya Rai.

Flat Eyebrows 
Flat eyebrows are just like flat or straight line which means that they do not have any or slight arch or angle and moreover the highest point is not that much as compared with the starting or the end points.
This type of eyebrows looks great on those who have very long or oval face.

Angled Eyebrows
Angled shapes look wonderful on round face shape as they give an illusion of sharpness to the face. They are very striking and goes up straight at an angle and then slops downwards.
Looks beautiful. These eyebrows has the capability to make eyes look wider and draws the attention towards the eyes. It kind of also balances the face which is more round or chubby looking.

Round Eyebrows 
They are most simplest one I think when it comes to determine the eyebrows shape and very easy to maintain even if you have not done your eyebrows since ages. Still finding the shape is quiet easy if it is this one.

Very sharp and angular features can be balanced by round eyebrows.

You might also come across the curved ones or some mixed variations but when it comes to choosing the shape that you want (if in case you are blessed with thick eyebrows) there no hard and fast rule that this is the shape you have to go for. Well, it depends on the choice and the preference that what you think will look good on you. You are the best judge for yourself after all.

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