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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Natural hair cleanser for beautiful hair

Guest Post by- Monissha 

Hello Friends,
happy weekend!!
We all are in desperate search for chemical free shampoos and cleansers. So, instead of searching for it, I decided to prepare my own at home. 

The recipe is as follows.
All the ingredients are easily available in and around you at a very low cost.
  • They are-
  • soap nut          
  • lemon peel
  • orange peel
  • fenugreek
  • green gram
  • hibiscus leaves(hibiscus flowers)
  • Neem leaves 

Soap Nut and Shikakai
Soap nuts are available in all local grocery shops. Dry them under hot sun
  • Hair-vitaliser
  • Herbal tonic
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Provides lather
Lemon and Orange peels
Save the used peels of lemon and orange and dry them under the sun
  • Cleans scalp
  • Removes dandruff
  • Prevents skin allergies
  • Prevents oily scalp
  • Provides shine to hair

Fenugreek and Green gram
Available at all groceries and super markets. Dry them under sun
  • Conditions hair
  • Provides lustre
  • Provides shine
  • Makes hair soft
Hibiscus leaves(hibiscus flowers) 
Dry the hibiscus leaves under the sun. It is good if hibiscus flowers are available too. In case if you don’t find hibiscus trees around your home, there are also readymade hibiscus flower powder available in the market
  • Extremely conditions the hair
  • Makes hair soft
Neem leaves
Dry the neem leaves under the sun. Neem powders also available in market.
  • Antiseptic
  • Cures scalp allergies and infections
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Eliminates lice from scalp
Once all are super dried, grind them well into fine powder. And now the herbal cleanser is ready for use. For washing the hair, mix this herbal powder with water and gently massage to scalp and hair. Leave it for 2 mins and then rinse with water. I bet, you will find the difference in the first wash.  And there is no need of using conditioner or leave in serums after rinsing. 
Also you can include amla, henna, bhringaraj, aloe vera if they are available instead of fenugreek, green gram or hibiscus leaves.

Niesha Jeenwal

I am Niesha, Editor of Indian Beauty Forever, a Science graduate turned Beauty Blogger from New Delhi who's blogging for more than 3.5 years and loves everything related to Makeup & Beauty.

Natural hair cleanser for beautiful hair Reviewed by Niesha Jeenwal on 11:58 pm Rating: 5 Guest Post by- Monissha  Hello Friends, happy weekend!! We all are in desperate search for chemical free shampoos and cleansers. ...

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