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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Coloressence Lipcolor in Pristine Pink review and swatches

Coloressence Lipstick in Pristine Pink review and swatches 

Hello everyone,
I ordered some Coloressence products recently and decided to review this lipstick of their mesmerizing lipcolor or lipstick in Pristine pink.

coloressence Lipstick

Price-  125 INR
Quantity- 4.3 gms

coloressence Lipstick

What the company claims- This moisture rich lip color nourishes, protects and moisturizes your lips. It adds volume to your lips. This unique coriander and basil extracts with SPF-15, enriched lip color adorns your lips with stunning shades. 

coloressence Lipstick
Packaging- Packaging is the same rectangular one with a black cap embossed with the brand’s name and has the same color at the bottom.

My experience-   I have already used two lipsticks Peachy pink and Back to basics from their range and was quite impressed with the color and quality that they had given in just 125 INR, however, it’s sad that I cannot say the same with this particular one in pristine pink. 

When it comes to the color it is not that bad, It’s like a color that is between hot pink and magenta or fuschia. Not my type but I know many of you like such shades. So, I won’t be complaining about the color. 

coloressence Lipstick

Again it’s not my type of color but nice.
My major concern is its drying nature and overly matte texture which I guess is the main reason for its drying nature. I found it hard to apply which you might not be able to make out from the hand or the lip swatch. 
coloressence Lipstick

coloressence Lipstick

This time my experience is exactly the opposite of what I had with the Lakme enrich satins in no 127 where the product’s texture and quality was good but I did not like the color at all and with this one the color is good but the texture and quality is poor. 
coloressence Lipstick

Overall, I am not too happy with the product quality for Pristine pink but I still love their peachy pink and the back to basics.
  • It is easily available in shops and online.
  • Here are lots of shades to choose from.
  • They are inexpensive so light on pocket.
  • These lipsticks do not have an overpowering fragrance.
  • Pigmentation is good and you can get the same color in one to two swipes.
  • It does not bleed or does not leave stain.
  • It does not have a smooth texture.
  • It is drying due to its overly Matt texture.
  • This also makes it settle in fine lines.
  • Drying texture makes it a bit difficult to apply.
My take- Even if I am saying that color is nice but still I will not recommend it to anyone due to its overly drying texture which also makes a smooth application difficult.
Rating- 2.5 out of 5 (Rating is for the product quality, however the color is decent enough to score 3.5)
Niesha Jeenwal

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