Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lakme Eye Artist Eyeliner Pen Review, Swatches and EOTD

Hello everyone,
I bought this Lakme Absolute Eye Artist pen Eyeliner a week ago from I have used it a couple of times and now that i have analyzed this product completely, I am all set to review it as per the experience I had. 
lakme eye artist pen eyeliner
I just love eye and lips products so you will be seeing more of these products as compared to other but i will also try to buy other products and review them. Okay lets get started.

Price- 375 INR for 1.2 ml
Packaging- It is a slim black pen shaped eyepen with a felt tip for precise lines. It is a bit more thicker than the regular eyepencils. Packaging is good to look at with LAKME EYE ARTIST written in bold silver letters.

lakme eye artist pen eyeliner

What the company Claims- Eye Artist is a unique foam tip eye liner pen that gives you complete control and precise lining so you can experiment till you get that ultimate, dynamic look. It Outlines, defines and intensifies your eyes in one easy stroke. Bring out the artist in you and create wings or bold, structured eyes. 


My experience- I really liked the packaging when I saw it first. Its is a slim pen with sturdy cap. I swatched it on my hand and was glad to see the precise line that it gave. Application on the eyes was smooth and hassle free. I could see that it was jet black with good pigmentation. I could get a thin line on my lashes which can be thicken further. The best part was that it actually allowed me to draw the double wing as well with some other random shapes which I find hard to do with pencils and the liquids one. Pen eyeliners are best for that crisp shapes. I like it for that. The only thing is that you have to keep it inverted so as to make sure the tip does not dries out. Sadly, it is not at all water proof. It is slight rubproof but if you have rubbed it hard, it will give you a terrible racoon eye.
This is how it looks on the eyes:
lakme eye artist pen eyeliner review
Bourjois Paris Duochrome Retro Eyeliner in Brun Mordare
Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in DarkGreen 
Faces Long Wear Eye pencil in metal Brown

  • Easily available online and local shops.
  • I guess it is decently priced, as its counter part from other regular brands are also somewhat at the same price.
  • Packaging is good, its slim and resembles a pen as the name says.
  • Pigmentation is really good.
  • It is easier to use as compared to pencil, liquid and Gel eyeliners.
  • Felt tip is really sharp, which allows a thin line that can be further thicken as per the preference.
  • Once it sets it will not smudge with a bit of rubbing.. 
  • It is not at all waterproof...
  • You can not use it in sweaty summers. Its a complete no no for places where you will be sweating and might accidentally rub it. 
  • Its nothing to do with this one as all the pen eyeliners require a bit of attention as we have to keep them in inverted position in your vanity coz their tip dries out.
Rating- 3.5 out of 5
My take- If you are looking for a pen eyeliner which is decently priced, allows you to make precise lines and shapes and not being waterproof is its only con so, if you don't have this as a major expectation in your eyeliner, then do give it a try.. It is a nice product.
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