April 16, 2014

Avon Anew Vitale Cleanser Review

Avon Anew Vitale Cleanser Review 
Hi everyone!!
I am going to review Avon Anew Vitale cleanser in this post. Avon had launched this Anew Vitale range last month that includes a cleanser, night cream and a day cream. It is available since March onwards. 
Avon Anew Vitale cleanser is priced at 799 Rupees for 125 g tube.

It claims ”Gives instantly a youthful glow, helps promote a clear, even looking complexion in 3 days, In 2 weeks,  reveals radiant, youthful skin and healthier looking complexion with minimum appearances of pores.”

April 15, 2014

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light Review and Photos

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light Review and Photos 
Hi Girls!
I am really struggling with the connectivity for the past couple of days and it is really getting on to my nerves now. I am on my phone and since it is limited, I have not been able to visit blogs, or even replied to the comments. Too bad!!
This review has been pending since a long time. I am taking about Sleek Face contour kit. Face contouring can be referred as a step extra in makeup considering that most of us go with the regular foundation, eye makeup, lipstick, blush and that’s it. But this extra step of contouring can be an incredible step to give dimension to your face especially in photographs.

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light

This Sleek Face contouring kit is priced at around $11.99 and is sold in three shades light, medium and dark. I bought the light one for me.
The kit comes in a study sleek matte black packaging that has two pans inside, a contouring power and a highlighting powder with a mirror on the inside of the flip top panel.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy Review and Swatches

Post by Pooja Patel
Maybelline color tattoo by eye studio in Fierce & Tangy 
Hello Everyone!
Eyes are the most prominent and sensitive part of our entire face and accentuating it properly is always a task. One needs to have good quality eye products and perfect colors to let your eyes speak. I am personally not a big fan of a heavy eye makeup and have always seen people using powder eye shadows which tend to settle into crease, if not used with eye shadow primer underneath. But I came across a new substitute (Maybelline eye color tattoo) that can work as an eye shadow as well as an eye primer.

Price: Rupees 350 It comes in 8 vibrant shades.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy
Brand claims!
For eye-catching eyes, apply on Color Tattoo Eye Shadow.
Featuring vibrant shades with 24 hour intensity, these eye shadows keep your eyes looking glamorous all day. The cream formula aids application making it extremely easy to mix, spread and blend this eye shadow.
Here’s why you’ll love it:
Ink technology creates intense, super-saturated color
Has 24 hour intensity for long-lasting wear
Cream formula smoothes on without creasing
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