2 September 2014

The Body Shop Bath Gloves Review

The Body Shop Bath Gloves Review
Hey all,
In the last post, I reviewed a face scrub and now it’s time to review an amazing product which I have absolutely loved. You see, exfoliation is very important especially your body skin. Exfoliation makes sure that the dead skin cells are sloughed off. Not only this, it also prevents ingrown hairs hence, making the skin radiant and flawless, as smooth and radiant like the goddess you always wanted to be. O yes, Did I tell you? regular exfoliation can fade away marks and blemishes that you have on your body. Of Course it does.

The Body Shop Bath Gloves Review

I will review The Body Shop Bath Gloves. Honestly, I was not even aware that such a product exist with The Body shop. These gloves are priced at 395 for a single pair. These are decently stretchable therefor most of the hand sizes will fit into them. I can say this as it was a good fit for my chotu hand and even accommodated a bigger palm pretty well.

31 August 2014

Participate and Get a Chance to be a part of Za Beauty School

Get A chance to be a part of Za Beauty School 
Hey girls!!
Za from Shiseido needs no introduction, considering the fact that their True white range has received some great reviews. I myself have kept you updated with their products and most importantly, they have actually worked pretty well.
Now, The House of Shiseido presents Za Beauty School - an exclusive experience with Za’s high skin expertise of Za and Japanese “Omotenashi” [Hospitality].

With Za Beauty School, Indian Metropolitan women will get a chance to master skincare, the Japanese way! Za Beauty School will be held by one of the most prolific Beauty Experts from the House of Shiseido, Megumi Mitsui who will take the participants step by step from cleansing to moisturizing for that perfect skin. 
She will also use Shiseido’s patented Skin Analyzer to evaluate the guests’ skin moisture levels, melanin content, texture and skin age.

Za Beauty School is being hosted by Shiseido which will be held in 3 cities:
Bangalore : on 7th September
Mumbai : on 13th September
New Delhi : on 20th September

30 August 2014

Himalaya Neem Face Scrub Review

Himalaya Neem Face Scrub Review
Hey all!
I love scrubs, they can be aptly called as must have beauty product to include in the skin care regimen. I will review Himalaya Neem face scrub which I had used for some time but I couldn’t continue using it for a longer time. Keep on reading to know why it’s that. Why this dude out here couldn't impress me much!

Himalaya Neem Face Scrub Review

ClaimsHimalaya Neem face scrub is specially created to give you clear skin. This works as a dual exfoliation and purifying action. Neem is well known for its purifying action and anti bacterial properties. It has apricot granules which take off dead skin cells, blackheads gently leaving skin clear and blemish free.”
Views on Himalaya Neem Face Scrub: Okay, so the packaging is the same Trademark of Himalaya products. Nothing to talk much about. The face scrub smells mild exuding smell of neem with some other scent along with that.

28 August 2014

Jafra Pamper Party: Bloggers Event

Jafra Pamper Party: Bloggers Event
Hey all!!
Who doesn’t like pampering? I am always ready to pamper myself with every now and then mostly with the DIYs. I was invited to be a part of the Jafra pamper party that took place around 3 weeks ago, Yeah!! I know, I am quite late in posting about this event but I hope you know the reason. I am gradually bucking up with all the delayed posts. The pamper party was a fun way to treat ourselves with the Jafra Brightening range that includes all the vital products that your skin will need through out the day till night. The range consists of Brightening Cleanser, toner, lotion with SPF, skin Brightener, night cream and the scrub.

Jafra Pamper Party: Bloggers Event
All of us have actually used all these products on our faces right there except for the night cream which is quite obvious and all the products felt really impressive.
While we were taking off our makeup before we could go ahead and try the products, I was amazed by the tiny magic towels. They were just about an inch and once you put them in water, they will swell up in the water and there you have a wet towel of good enough size. They were like magic!! trust me they were!!

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