17 September 2014

Are you Making these Beauty Mistakes?

Beauty Mistakes you should avoid

They say there is a rule/method/procedure to do certain things. Agreed! Some of us (count me in) has this tendency to do things that would lead to some not so good things! Here are certain things that you should avoid doing. Trust me you should avoid them for the better.

Nile filing

You don’t have to use the nail filer back and forth while shaping your nails. It will damage the nail and eventually the nail can get a crack and sadly you would have to trim it! Hence, filing in the single direction is always better.

15 September 2014

My Hair Spa Day and Khoobsurat Moment

My Hair Spa Day and Khoobsurat Moment
Hey girls!!
It's been a month since I colored my hair and all these weeks I have had pretty good hair days. The last time, I did the hair spa at home was before coloring my hair and since the weather is changing now, I thought of doing it yesterday!! I am pretty surprised and elated that my hair color still is as vibrant, rich looking even though it's been over a month. 

My hair spa treatment basically revolves around me massaging my hair with hot oils and then steaming followed by the hair wash with a deep conditioning hair mask. The treatment enhanced the shine and I really wanted to add on that extra bounce and shine that I already have post coloring. When something's is going great all you wish to extend that duration which is why I am getting all involved in such pampering till the time I would go for a second hair colour session.

10 Best Nivea Products in India

Best Nivea Products in India

Nivea is a really old brand that makes a lot of various products from skin care to personal hygiene. Continuing with the Good/Best products Series. After trying numerous Nivea products, In this post, I will be sharing some good Nivea Products that are available in India are are worth trying.
Here we go: 

1. Nivea Soft Cream

This is one such product that I have always reached out for whenever my combination skin gets irritated and starts to get dry and patchy. Nivea Soft cream is light weight and hydrates effectively. 
  • Nivea soft cream is enriched with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E
  • Gets absorbed into the skin quickly without making greasy
  • It is an invigorating cream that refreshes the skin
  • Skin feels smooth, soft, supple and healthy
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