Thursday, 20 November 2014

My Envy Box November 2014 Photos, Products and Unboxing

My Envy Box November 2014

Hey everyone!
I will review My Envy Box November 2014 Edition today, I got my box 2-3 days ago, but something or the other kept me busy.This month’s box was a detox box basically that has been curated by My Envy Box team. This time the box has a very Autumn appropriate magenta color that holds loads of samples including a treat from San-Cha-tea.
Here’s what’s in there:
My Envy Box November 2014 Photos

Neem Tea tree soap By Sugandha
Sugandha soaps are handmade soaps. They offer a new range of quality handmade soaps. The neem and tea tree soap is ideal to be used by oily to combination skin as Neem and tea tree heals and controls acne. I would like to try it soon.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer review, price and photos

Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review
Hi everyone!
I will review Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer today. I had a very good experience with the Za perfect solution collagen cream and I am still using it. That is amongst the products, I would like to repurchase. This Za moisturiser is the Winner of Elle India Beauty Awards and after using it, I can sense why that is.
Price: 1099 Rupees for 125 ml you can buy it here at

Brand claims: “Za perfect solution moisturiser is a rich textured moisturizer boosts your skin’s hydration and clarity to impart firmness and a silky glow.” It is infused with the rich moisturiser to make it feel firm, resilient and lively as it is formulated with resilient complex. It rehydrates skin to prevent fine lines and roughening caused by the dryness. It evens out the skin texture to make it luminous and full of clarity without shallow dullness due to Cristal brightening complex. The moist, smooth textured formula permeates the skin to retain the skin’s vital moisture due to yuzu seed extract, marine collagen, bio hyaluronic acid.
How to use: Smooth an appropriate amount over face with hand or cotton pad after balancing skin with a toner.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Remover Review

Review of Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Makeup Remover

Hi everyone!
Makeup and makeup removers go hand in hand. I will review Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Makeup Remover. When you love to apply makeup, removing it properly is extremely important. Yeah, I know when you have used that waterproof eyeliner, mascara or paint pot, taking them off is a task that is no less than a pain. You try rubbing, circling, wiggle the cotton pad and there you see the eye makeup is still there. I feel like crying at that time seriously. At times it seems, the time invested to apply the eye makeup was far less than the time I am investing getting if off that too at night when you are literally dead and just need to sleep. These are the times, when an eye makeup remover comes into effect. This eye makeup remover is my current favorite. 

Price: Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Remover is priced at 275 rupees for 70 ml. You can buy it here at discount.
Earlier, Maybelline has a bi- phased eye and lip makeup remover that I used to love. It used to get rid of eye makeup easily and after 2-3 wipes, all the makeup was gone. With this new and improved formula, Maybelline has given one more option that is slightly pricey with 275 rupees but totally worth it. I bought it last month and have only used it when I have 3 other makeup removers still lying in my vanity.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Faces Ultime Pro Shine On Eye Liner Moonlit Review

Review: Faces Ultime Pro Shine On Eye Liner Moonlit
Hi everyone! I will review Faces Ultime Pro Shine On Eye Liner in the shade Moonlit. Colored eyeliners can beautifully accentuate the eyes when included as a part of your eye makeup during the evening. Green and blues have always been my favourites.
Price: The eyeliner is priced at 699 Rupees.
Brand Claims: Faces Ultime Pro Shine On Eye Liner Moonlit is an extraordinary color to make you shine! Gives a long lasting and intense shiny finish. It comes with a felt tip for precise application and exquisitely lush and quick drying formula that is totally water and smudge proof

Faces Ultime Pro Shine On Eye Liner Moonlit Review
Faces Ultime Pro Shine On Eye Liner Moonlit Review

Views on Faces Ultime Pro Shine On Eye Liner Moonlit
The eyeliner comes in a cute packaging with a long cap that aids in proper application as it also serve to provide better grip. The tiny bottle has a ball or something in it which is used to mix the contents well. The tip of the eyeliner is more like a felt tip dipped in the liquid eyeliner. The tip is stiff though some flexibility is there.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Epique Intensive Luminescence cream Review

Review: Epique Intensive Luminescence cream 
Hi everyone! I will review Epique Intensive Luminescence cream in this post. When it comes to trying international brands I am always open about it. I was exposed to this brand when I got a tiny sample of one of their skin care product in one of  My Envy boxes. This product is specially formulated to work on dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tones for mature skin, basically it fights the signs of aging, which is why I gave it to my mum to try it out as she has mature skin, dark spots and uneven skin tone. By the way, Epique is a renowned brand from Switzerland. Recently they opened their flagship store in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. Their skin care range includes intensive revitalizing eye cream, intensive regenerating night cream, advanced balancing day cream, active regenerating day cream, oil-free cleansing & make-up remover wipes, advanced UV protection cream, intensive luminescence cream and sculpting and firming cream.
Price: 2900 for 15 ml

Brand claimsDepigmentation solutions infused with concentrated plant molecular energies for mature skin that restore skin luminosity.
Diminishes age spots, dark spots and uneven skin tone and leaves skin looking radiant.
Epique Lab’s clinically tested Intensive Luminescence Phyto-Concentrate formula:
Diminishes dark spots, visibly corrects skin dullness and evens skin tone and instantly illuminates the skin
Prevents the formation of future dark spots and other skin discolorations with continued daily usage
Skin looks clearer, translucent and more even toned.
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